Women’s Solidarity Fund and Women’s Human Rights Institute: 2023 Internship

http://learnwhr.org/cedaw-oxford-2023/WSF Supervisor: Anna Arutshyan, co-founder, Director

Internship Period: 1 June – 10 Oct, 2023

Parameters: 5-6 hours per week x 6 months (including support during course in Oxford) The work duties of the internship include some or all of the following activities, as well as other urgent activities that may arise during the course of the internship, undertaken with the input and supervision of the supervisor, on a reasonable basis commensurate with the time parameters of the internship.

  1. Development of Materials, Website Maintenance, Information Dissemination, General support during Oxford Programme
    • WSF website updates
    • Communications for the supervisor
    • Course documents and materials
    • Compiling relevant articles
    • Creating documents, posters, pamphlets and/or powerpoint resources
    • Offering generalized support during the in-person training in Oxford

Work Schedule:

Work schedule shall be flexible, though in principle Intern and Supervisor agree to have virtual meetings on Fridays and specific short-turnover activities will be done on Fridays. If Intern has a scheduling conflict with other work or personal commitments, she will give notice in advance.

Intern agrees to:

  1. Prepare a calendar of availability for work and submit to supervisor (ie. vacations or work conflicts making her unavailable in particular weeks);
  2. Log her hours, including work done, in an Excel-type file in a Google Drive folder created by supervisor;
  3. Upload all work done to said Google Drive folder;
  4. Maintain confidentiality of all materials and information shared about WSF/WHRI activities in the course of the internship, and protect intellectual property of the WSF/WHRI;
  5. Give ownership of any documents or materials prepared for the program to the WSF/WHRI, while retaining authorship;
  6. Complete the full duration of the Internship, barring extenuating circumstances. If circumstances should arise that render it impossible to complete the internship, the intern will hand over all work in progress to their supervisor
WSF/WHRI Commitment:
In recognition of the time and effort put into the internship, the intern will be eligible to attend the Oxford CEDAW for Change Institute in June 2020 on a tuition scholarship. If for any reason the intern is unable to attend the program, but completes the internship, they may negotiate for attendance in another program offering.
If you are interested in this internship, please, send your CV to anna@womenssolidarityfund.org email address. Full description of the Oxford Programme can be found here.
Deadline for submission is 01 May 2023