About us

The Women’s Solidarity Fund supports women fighting against gender-based inequality, with a focus on the Caucasus region and Turkey.

We strive to make women’s voices heard and create an open space where women can claim their rights, participate in decision making processes and to be integrated in peace- building and post-conflict reconciliation.

Across the three republics of Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and the greater Caucasus region:

According to the Gender Gap Index by the World Economic Forum, each republic ranks in the bottom third of the index, which is a compilation of economic participation, educational attainment, health and survival and political empowerment.

  • Women comprise only one-­‐third of the total members of political parties, and are not represented in party hierarchies.
  • Women’s share of privatized business is under 25%.
  • Women’s participation in peace processes is below 1% and almost no data collection mechanisms are available on sexual and gender based violence. The situation is even worse in the unrecognised states (NagornKarabakh, Abkhazia, and South Ossetia) and no laws cover these territories, even though women and children are the most vulnerable targets during armed conflicts. 

The Women’s Solidarity Fund was founded in Oxford, UK by Anna Arutshyan and Sophia Moradian.

As women human rights defenders, we believe that by empowering women to be agents of change ın the political, social and economic spheres, we will be closer to achieving regional and global peace and security.

We aim to build upon the work of other women’s funds by focusing on enabling women’s grassroot organizations in the Caucasus region and Turkey.

By breaking the wall of patriarchy in an environment where conflict persists and transcends borders, we believe that women should be an integral part of negotiations and reconcilation.

Our aims are built upon the following goals:

To support survivors of sexual and gender based violence.

To support survivors of sexual and gender based violence

  To support women’s integration into peace building negotiations