Welcome to the space where women’s solidarity is the key to reaching global long-lasting peace. The international human rights legal framework was shaped after World War II but women’s human rights were not duly reflected in the international legal plane until the 1990s. Within our activities, we aim to centralise women’s rights issues on the international human rights legal map and empower women from Global South to utilise the tools and instruments available in international law to advance women’s rights participation in the national, regional and international levels, as well as to promote women’s participation in advocacy and policy writing of rights-based and anti-discrimination norms and principles.

The Women’s Solidarity Fund is an Oxford-based non-for-profit organisation. It focuses on the women’s rights advancement in the context of international human rights law. 

Women’s Solidarity Fund conducts academic-adjacent, educational programmes for women community leaders from Global South. Our main geographic emphasis is on Eastern Europe, South Caucasus and Central Asia.

We strive to create safe space of transformational knowledge where academics meet practitioners and engage into effective dialogue of advocating women’s better participation and protection in the international human right legal plane.