Anna Aruthsyan

Anna is a woman human rights defender, woman activist advocating for gender equality and long lasting peace. She has Master's Degree in Social Science and Area Studies by education, later requalified as an expert on human rights, feminism and peace building. In 2001 she founded a civil society organisation ''Society Without Violence'' (SWV) working on women's rights in Yerevan, Armenia which is one of the leading organisations in the women's rights field in Caucasus region today.  She was the initiator of formation of coalition ''To Stop Violence Against Women'', Armenia, promoted the establishment of “Women In Black”, worldwide known women peace builders' movement to Armenia and further expansion to South Caucasus region, author of Rapid Response Unit (RRU) concept on effective reaction and prevention of domestic violence in Armenia. 

In the course of 15 years, she has worked with well-known global women's funds and organisations, like Kvinna Till Kvinna (KTK), Global Fund for Women, MamaCash, UN Trust Fund, Black Sea Trust (BST). She is the editor-in-chief and/or author of numerous publications like ''Keep me away from your stereotypes'' survey on gender-based stereotypes, ''Integration of Gender component into national curriculum of high schools'' recommendation package,  ''Armenian and Turkish Women for Peace and Reconciliation'' art project, civil society monitoring report on UNSCR1325 and others.  

Currently, she is the co-founder of ''Women's Solidarity Fund'' (WSF), which is aimed to build upon the work of other women's funds focusing on Caucasus region and Turkey. Also she is working towards her academic degree in women's studies from Oxford University, UK.




Sophia Moradian 

Sophia holds bachelors degrees in International Relations and Economics from Boston College and a MPhil from the University of Oxford in International Development. As a young student, Sophia was interested in working for the betterment of rural women's lives. While living in the Middle East, she worked for a human rights organization in Jordan, investigating the effects of displacement on Iraqi female headed households. Sophia also spent time in Armenia, investigating the success factors for rural small businesses across the country, focusing on the differences between male and female owned enterprises. As a trustee of the WSF, Sophie looks forward to enabling women across the Caucasus and eastern Turkey regions to gain greater economic opportunities and to be active participants in peace negotiations.  



Ozlem Galip 

Ozlem Galip is a Lecturer at the Institute of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford. She holds a PhD in Kurdish Studies from the University of Exeter. Through an interdisciplinary studies approach including history, literature and social anthropology, she investigates the rise and development of the Kurdish novel in Armenia; representing research which together her two books (2010 and 2015 [forthcoming]) straddle and combine a variety of fields: study of literature, gender studies, nation building, statehood, identity formation, diaspora, history, human geography, historical criticism, Soviet, Armenian, and Kurdish Studies.She is also the UK correspondent of the Kurdish newspaper Yeni Özgür Politika which is based in Germany.