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CEDAW For Change in Oxford

September 25-30, 2017

Are you a changemaker? A feminist activist, scholar, community organizer? Are you ready to join other transnational women’s human rights defenders in using CEDAW, the UN Women’s Convention, as a tool for analysis, activism, and scholarship? Learn about CEDAW from a feminist activist perspective in the idyllic setting of Oxford University with the Women's Human Rights Education Institute, offered in partnership with the Women's Solidarity Fund and the International Gender Studies Centre at Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford. Facilitated by Costa Rican feminist jurist and Chair of the UN Working Group on Discrimination Against Women, Alda Facio.

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The Women’s Solidarity Fund supports women against gender based inequality and provides spaces that allow for women to share their thoughts, concerns and visions for the future.  We strive to make women’s voices heard and to create an open space where women can claim their rights, participate in decision making processes and to be integrated in peace-building and post-conflict reconciliation.